The story behind Iberian Words

It all started in January 2011, when I was contacted by the HR department of a translation agency in Oporto. I’d passed the test, and if I was willing to move, then the in-house translation role was mine.

It was an easy decision. In mid-February, I set off for my new home: Portugal. It was a fantastic opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the Portuguese language, experience the rich Portuguese culture and live alongside the wonderful Portuguese people.

The country welcomed me with open arms and was my home for five years, until the start of 2016. During that time I realise that, despite our proximity, Spanish and Portuguese people are practically strangers to one another.

So, four years after moving back to Spain and eight years after starting out as a freelance translator, I decided the time had come to take my career in a new direction and help Portuguese companies and brands tell their stories in Spanish.

Iberian Words is my way of helping Portugal be a little more present in Spain. It’s a project born from a desire to bring the two countries closer together, building an Iberian community.

Why Iberian Words?

Spanish is my native language

Although my knowledge of Portuguese and English is very good, I only translate into my native language: Spanish. Only with excellent knowledge of foreign languages and a perfect command of our own language can we efficiently and precisely communicate the meaning of an original text in the right style, using the right terminology.

Because you don’t want your content to read like a translation, do you?

Portugal is always in my heart

The five years I spent in Oporto weren’t just a linguistic immersion, they were a cultural one too.

My knowledge of the Portuguese culture teamed with being a native Spanish speaker means I can recognise the cultural elements of a text that wouldn’t make sense to Spanish readers and adapt them accordingly.

I’m naturally curious

I love learning. That’s why I’m always investing in training and education, to stay up to date and offer my clients the quality they deserve.

I’m not a robot

Despite what a lot of people think, translation isn’t just about swapping words in one language for words in another. You have to respect the form and content of the original text throughout the process, whilst also making sure the result is fluid, precise and coherent.

We’re surrounded by technology, and have to know how to use it in our favour to make our lives easier. But in this case, turning to machine translation can lead get expensive. Linguistic errors, with mistakes in terminology, phrasing, style or tone, can lead to losses running into the millions.

I’m friendly

Friendliness and direct communication are both vital for developing a good professional relationship. They allow for transparent and honest communication with my clients, building trust, without which we wouldn’t get very far.

I believe in the exchange of ideas and dialogue

Not all clients have the same needs. That’s why I encourage open dialogue so I can understand your needs and offer you personalised proposals.

I’m part of professional associations

Professional associations are an excellent tool for staying up to date with the latest developments in the profession, getting access to specialised training and contacting other professionals with complementary skills.

The process


Request your quote

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Receive your detailed, personalised quote

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Time to get to work

When you’ve accepted the quote and I’ve got all the materials I need, I’ll get started.



If any queries crop up whilst I’m working, I’ll get in touch to solve them as soon as possible and guarantee that the results will meet your needs.


Break into new markets

Once we’ve done all the necessary checks, you’ll get the final files. From here, the only way is up!

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